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Any window company wants to offer its clients the widest assortment of production possible. For example, to glaze a balcony or loggia cold sliding aluminum can be used or a sliding PVC-profile – warm, easy in production and mounting, and – what’s more important – economical.

Winhof sliding profile system is perfect for glazing of balconies and loggias. The system has a number of features that make it a sought-after product on the market for both manufacturers and end customers.

For manufacturers

Winhof system is a PVC-system which is put together on lagging-CKD assembly principle. Thanks to that working with Winhof system doesn’t require heavy investments in equipment, industrial premises and personnel.

Technological features of construction make it possible to work with semi-finished products (cut profile), maintaining the assembly on-site. It allows to save on special transport and delivery.

For clients

Sliding system is very comfortable and saves a great deal of usable space of a balcony. Made of PVC, system’s folds don’t freeze, which makes it perfect for any climate zone, either cold or hot one. Considering value for money factor the system significantly surpasses its analogues.

Compatible with REHAU profile system (also SF-058 KBE and SF-058 VEKA) SF-60 profile system can significantly affect balance of forces within this market. Being perfectly combined with main European systems SF-60 is very comfortable to use.

Any tender will be a total win with the Winhof profiles as they are so much better then the others within this market.