Feature Panorama Air
System width 58 & 60 мм 60 мм
Number of chambers 3 (frame), 1 (fold) 3 (frame), 1 (fold)
Thickness of glass filling 3-5 мм 4 мм
Sealant color Graphite Graphite
Vertical fold width 52 мм 42 мм
Frame width 60,4 мм 49 мм
Number of gasket contours 2 2
Design: form and color scope White White
Application windows, balconies, terraces windows, balconies, terraces
Lock type Crescent lock Crescent lock
Flyscreen Yes Yes

General list of technical solutions and system’s components

Description and competitive advantage Panorama Air
Three-chamber profile of the frame (doesn’t freeze through) 58, 60 mm wide Yes Yes
Frame angles (allow to deliver the frame knocked-down) Yes Yes
Galvanized reinforcement (durability) Yes Yes
High rail of the frame (prevents folds from getting soaked and freezing) Yes Yes
Special rounding of the rail providing smooth sliding of folds Yes Yes
Filling piece (prevents blowing through the folds’ junctions and illegal removal of folds) Yes Yes
Fold roller (provides easy mounting and smooth sliding) Yes Yes
Folds completed with glass and pane unit (depending on client’s tasks) Yes Glass only
Crescent locks (non-freezing, burglar-resistant) Yes Glass only
T-shaped gasket (leak tightness and easy mounting) Yes No