Winhof Panorama

Made for end customers’ comfort and production ease.


Secondary sash (Stulp)

Joins sashes on one rail. Folds can be moved apart.


Sash cover

Sash overlap, hermetically sealed in the junction.


Corner piece joints

Strengthen construction, ease production and delivery.


Crescent lock

Ensures solid closing. Weatherproof, fine and secure.

Reinforcement – makes the construction safe and durable.
Bottom part of the frame – allows joining together with 60 mm systems.
Flyscreen – protects from mosquitoes and foreign objects.
Frame corner piece – allows transporting unassembled frame.
Pile weatherstripping – contains sealing windproof-waterproof insertion.
Multiple glass unit – allows glazing with either glass or 18 mm glass unit.

For end customers

Winhhof Panorama – besides preservation of room space allows glazing the room either with glass or glass unit. Taking into consideration PVC-profile advantages, enhanced pile weatherstripping and possibility of glass unit mounting, the system makes any room really comfortable.

For partner companies

Winhof Panorama – similar to Winhof Air, thanks to frame corner pieces manufacturers don’t have to use expensive equipment. Transportation and lifting to the floor are also much easier. Production of the system is convenient, simple and does not require highly qualified personnel.

Customer’s benefits

Usability - Widest possibilities for effective usage of space, useful area expands thanks to sliding system.

Aesthetic qualities - Neat geometry of the profile is perfect for classic and modern interiors.

Efficiency - The system provides heat insulation and acoustic isolation complying with modern European requirements.

Processor’s benefits

Transportability - Possibility of transporting knock-down frame.

Easy mounting - Thanks to simplicity of assembly the system has obvious advantages over analogical hinged systems and allows saving time during the mounting of the construction.

Economy - Minimum expenditures for equipment + low price of accessories.