Once upon a time…

The story of Winhof system is bound up with human history. Ages ago sliding constructions were widely used in many countries, mostly eastern ones (Japan, Korea), because of their ease, usability and elegance. Windows, doors and partitions were made of those constructions in dwelling houses, palaces and even temples.


Cientific-technical revolution refined on time-tested sliding construction:

  • First, metallic rollers appeared to ease the sliding. After them – different locks that let to lock the window or sliding door securely.
  • Next step was made in 1950-s when a new kind of material appeared – steel reinforced plastic (PVC) – an ideal material for all the types of windows. It was safe and nice and stood the outdoor environment just fine.

But PVC windows needed welding. That imposed some constraints, both operational and technical: in sizes, glazing factor, etc.

In mid 80-s genius South Korean engineers invented inner corner pieces to join the folds. They were “hidden” inside PVC profiles and completely invisible in finished construction. They also let to give up a number of now useless details (e.g. fillets) and remove several limitations concerning the size of constructions.

Thanks to its features PVC sliding system leaves its main competitor – cold sliding aluminum – far behind, PVC being 2 to 5 times warmer, non-freezing in cold climate and non-warming in the hot one.

Nowadays sliding windows become more and more popular. Thousands of companies all over the world began to successfully produce sliding windows. Winhof is one of the technological leaders in this production, offering the world a wide choice of sliding systems for any exacting taste.

At present Winhof has more than 500 contented customer companies. There are two great sliding window systems offered – Winhof Panorama and Winhof Air.