For assembling windows of Winhof system relatively cheap equipment is necessary, comparing to hinged casement windows production.


Thanks to the specifics of production technology the complete set of equipment is supposed to include only four machines. Any window production company usually has most of that equipment available. In case of windows assembly from semi-finished products there is no need for any special equipment at all.

Total cost of equipment may vary from 2000$ to 6000$. The range of prices is caused by machines’ productivity and degree of automation.

Depending on stage of technological process in production of Winhof profile constructions (for sliding windows, glazing of balconies or loggias and also for partitions, showcases and so on) the following machines are used:

PVC-profile sawing

Any deck saw with variable angle of cutting is good for profile sawing (variable angle is necessary for cutting the flyscreen).

Reinforcement sawing

Oscillating circular metal saw is used for reinforcement profile sawing.

Drilling of technological orifices in a Sash profile

Several types of equipment may be used in production depending on its productivity. Milling machine is the most popular choice for drilling technological orifices. It is characterized by its high productivity and minimal size. There is also a portable version.