Winhof Air

The newest development among sliding systems. It includes a know-how complex which helps to ease the production and reduce the cost price.


Joint, type S

Sashes can be moved apart. In place of junction the area light is the same as in E-type joint.


Joint, type E

Sashes overlap, hermetically sealed in the junction.


Corner piece joint

Strengthen construction, ease production and delivery.


Crescent lock

Ensures solid closing. Weatherproof, fine and secure.

Reinforcement – makes the construction safe and durable.
Bottom part of the frame – allows joining together with 60 mm and 58 mm systems.
Gasket – makes the construction hermetical.
Flyscreen – protects from mosquitoes and foreign objects.
Roller – doesn’t need screwing on, slides smoothly.
Frame corner piece – allows transporting unassembled frame.
Pile weather strip– easy movement of folds.

For end customers

Winhof is a sliding system which means it preserves room space, extends area light and is esthetically perfect. Plastic profile has high resistance to heat transfer and is just perfect for either hot or cold climate.

For partner companies

Winhof is a system made for manufacturers’ convenience. Thanks to frame corner pieces manufacturers don’t have to use expensive equipment, also transportation and lifting to the floor become much easier. In the process of development of the system special attention was given to simplicity of assembly and cost price of end product.